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What does your beef taste like?

Steak is synonymous with mouthwatering for those of us in the omnivore/carnivore persuasion. The steaks we get at the store today, just don’t taste like the steaks we got at the butcher when I was a kid. Last summer I had an amazing culinary moment where my husband and I purchased some grass-fed beef from […]

Urban Foraging…Simple Island Style

The following is a guest post from Kris at Simple Island Living. She blogs about living frugally and simply in one of the most expensive places in the country! We are hipsters. Not really, but we subscribe to trends like the next hipster, and one of the most important ones is a commitment to living […]

Does eating seasonally really save money?

I’ve always known that eating seasonally tastes better, and that seasonal produce is always on sale at the grocery store, but I’ve often wondered just how much eating in season saves my budget. Then we found the dream property. An old schoolhouse on six acres went up for sale in our area and I thought […]