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Planning Meals When You’re Sick

So this spring hit me with a giant wallop. Like many I’ve been sick. So what happens in the meal planner’s home when she’s sick, languishing on the couch? Luckily, my husband takes excellent care of me. There are two food inevitabilities when you’re sick. Your refrigerator will be empty, or all the fresh food […]

4 Reasons Your Kids Hate Vegetables

Parent after parent complains that their kids don’t like vegetables. The answer may be closer to home than they think. 1. Your kids think vegetables come from a can. Fruit and vegetables in cans have been sitting in water with either high fructose corn syrup or salt and they don’t taste like their original counterparts. […]

All Hail the Champion

Every time I walk into my kitchen, Queen jumps up and starts playing “WEEEEEEE are the champions, my friend..” at least it does in my head. I am the winner of the First Annual Family Pizza Competition. That’s right. I made the pizza that rocked the world, or at least our family. Actually, I only […]

Food Connections: How Kosher Connects Me to the World

Welcome to our Food Connections Series. This is a guest post from Eric at Narrow Bridge Finance, a blog that focuses on tips to save you time, money, and headache while getting the most out of your money. Be sure to check out his finance eBooks on automation and entrepreneurship. I grew up in a […]

Food Connections: New Series

Over the next several weeks (and hopefully longer) we’ll be doing a series about how we connect to things around us through food. For example, I’m very much connected to my family through food. I come from a big family and we would have four generations in the kitchen. I remember my great-grandmother making matzo […]