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What does your beef taste like?

Steak is synonymous with mouthwatering for those of us in the omnivore/carnivore persuasion. The steaks we get at the store today, just don’t taste like the steaks we got at the butcher when I was a kid. Last summer I had an amazing culinary moment where my husband and I purchased some grass-fed beef from […]

Money in the 20s, Reflected in My Plate

This post is a part of Women’s Money Week 2012. For more posts about Money in Your 20s/30s/40s/50s/Retirement, see This past year I said goodbye to my 20s with very little fanfare. There were a lot of mistakes, lessons learned, and finally, building blocks. Interestingly enough, the way I spent my 20s, particularly financially, […]

All Hail the Champion

Every time I walk into my kitchen, Queen jumps up and starts playing “WEEEEEEE are the champions, my friend..” at least it does in my head. I am the winner of the First Annual Family Pizza Competition. That’s right. I made the pizza that rocked the world, or at least our family. Actually, I only […]

10 People, $40, Gourmet Meal? No Problem!

When we realized there were several friends we hadn’t seen in quite a while, who may not have even seen our new house, it was time for a dinner party. Unfortunately, we have gourmet tastes on a slow work season budget. Dinner party for 10, under $40, completely gourmet? Watch me and weep…or better yet, […]

Thank God for New Cookware

For the last seven years, my husband and I have been using the cookware we received as a wedding gift, that my mom had received as a free gift for going to a timeshare presentation. (Incidentally that’s the way I got my first CD player too.) Last year the skillet finally had to go cookware […]