What is a meal plan?

The staff at MealPlanRescue.com takes a list of seasonal produce and combines it with what’s on sale at your local grocer. We then use this combination to craft 8 yummy recipes and a shopping list and e-mail it to you weekly.

You can learn more about it here.

Does it include a shopping list?
Yep, each weekly e-mail includes a shopping list. Each ingredient is followed by a number corresponding to each recipe so, for example, if you don’t feel like having Potato Leek soup this week and that is recipe number 4, just go to the shopping list and cross off every ingredient that has a (4) following it. You’d be missing out though, because our Potato Leek soup is out-of-this-world and it’s fast.

Some ingredients are used in more than one recipe though, and those ingredients will have two numbers following them. Just adjust the amounts slightly and you’re good to go.

How is it “seasonal”?
We utilize the list of seasonal produce for areas of the United States that receive limited growing seasons. This ensures that our meals utilize produce that is in season, no matter where you are.

What if I’m on a diet?
We are simply cooks and food enthusiasts. We are not nutritionists or doctors so any change to your diet for medical reasons should only be done after conferring with your doctor.

Our current meal plans, while healthy and nutritious, are not modelled from any diet plan. We would like to know if a meal plan based on a certain diet is something you want, so if you could send us an e-mail with what diet you’re interested in, we’ll put that in our Ideas Box for future meal plans. You can reach us at service@mealplanrescue.com.

All our meals, both vegetarian and non-, are designed to be part of a complete, healthy meal. If you have any food allergies then we trust you’re able to substitute or eliminate certain ingredients from your recipes. If you need help or advice with a food substitution, just send us an e-mail and we’ll help you out as best as we can.

Do you offer plans for families or couples?
Sure thing. Each of our plans are sized for 2 or 4 people. The shopping lists are adjusted as well. Choose one from our many choices here.

Can I see a sample first?
You bet. Just enter your e-mail and name here and we’ll rush you a sample meal plan, complete with 8 recipes and a shopping list.

Is my financial information secure?
Yes. Our billing provider is a little Seattle company called Amazon.com. We’ve heard they’ve done a few laps around the Internet business world so they’ve got the whole financial security and billing thing down-pat. We just like to cook so we figured we’d let Amazon take care of securing your billing data and we have the utmost confidence in them. We’d still beat them in a cook-off though.

Will you sell my e-mail address?
Nope. We’ll keep you updated on the latest sales or anything new going on in our world as long as you’ve given us permission, but we will never sell your email address to a third party. This is just between you and us. Our privacy policy can be found here.

Test drive a sample plan here. Or better yet, let’s get started today! Click here to order basic, vegetarian and Healthy Option choices. Prices start at $5/month.