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How bacon and eggs became the American breakfast

What a fascinating bit of trivia on how propaganda turned bacon and eggs into an American breakfast standard. Believe it or not, though, bacon’s association with the American breakfast is barely a century old. Before this, the majority of Americans ate more modest, often meatless breakfasts that might include fruit, a grain porridge (oat, wheat […]

What does your beef taste like?

Steak is synonymous with mouthwatering for those of us in the omnivore/carnivore persuasion. The steaks we get at the store today, just don’t taste like the steaks we got at the butcher when I was a kid. Last summer I had an amazing culinary moment where my husband and I purchased some grass-fed beef from […]

A school lunch I can look forward to

If you’re American, you probably have some school lunch horror stories, but it is quite the opposite in Japan. In Japan, school lunch means a regular meal, not one that harms your health. The food is grown locally and almost never frozen. There’s no mystery in front of the meat. From time to time, parents […]

What’s for dinner? Wednesdays: Swai in Lemon “Cream Sauce”

What’s for dinner? If you have one of our Healthy Options Meal Plans, this week you’d be having Swai in Lemon “Cream Sauce.” Why is cream in quotations? Should you be nervous? No, you should be salivating! We had it last night and I would’ve taken a picture for you, but it mysteriously disappeared (into […]

Media mention on

Thanks to for letting us contribute to their article Picking Up Healthier Eating Habits Without Picking Up a Bigger Grocery Bill. If you haven’t read it yet, then click on the link and get to it. It’s a good read.