Second (Ever) Lifestyle Carnival

Welcome to the second edition of the Lifestyle Carnival! Submit your blog article to the next edition using our carnival submission form.

The Millionaire Nurse posts Can You LIke This Post on Facebook? saying “You may already have shares of Facebook in your mutual fund or retirement account. Will you be rich when they finally go public? Read on-but don’t buy that Lexus, yet!”

A Place for Personal Development posts 7 Ways to Stop Eating Junk Food saying “The article list 7 methods or ways I’ve used to stop eating junk food.”

Prairie Eco Thrifter posts How to Quit Smoking Naturally saying “I wanted to talk to you today about quitting smoking in a natural way. Yes it is possible. Tell everyone you know that smokes that they can be smoke free.”

If You Can Read, You Can Cook posts Pizza Quesadilla saying “Is it a pizza? Is it a quesadilla? It’s both! Make this pizza quesadilla the next time you can’t decide between Mexican or Italian.”

Crohnic Illness posts First CT Scan, and First Hospitalization saying “My first experience with a CT scan, and a subsequent stay in the hospital”

Bike Lane Living posts What Comes First? The Infrastructure or the Bike? saying “How do bike friendly cities become bike friendly? Is it the infrastructure that drives the cyclists, or the cyclists that drive the infrastructure? Find out here.”

Free Ticket to Japan posts Japan Bound Part 1 saying “The main thing that drew me in about Japan was the difference of culture and what a unique place it seemed. I’ve been to Europe in the past, so I wanted to see something different. Japan has a vast history mixed with a futuristic appeal. It looked so exciting from a far; I had to see it up close.”

Buck Inspire posts Take a Class, Attend a Conference saying “Learn how to improve yourself and your game, especially if you are a content creator!”

Thad Thoughts posts iPhone Exercise and Fitness Apps saying “A brief look at two iPhone apps that help me stay fit: LoseIt and mapMyFitness.”

Bitchin’ Dietitian posts Soda (Part Deux): Diet vs. Regular saying “If you can’t resist the occasional soda, then let’s take a look at which is better: diet or regular.”

Meal Plan Rescue posts Food Connections: How Kosher Connects Me To The World saying “Eric from Narrow Bridge Finance wrote an amazing guest post on how keeping kosher connects him to his past, and is more than just a way of eating.”

Thanks everyone for participating and visiting!

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10 Responses to “Second (Ever) Lifestyle Carnival”

  1. Dr Dean says:

    Thanks for including my post. There are some really good posts here, thanks for the carnival, too.

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  4. Buck Inspire says:

    Great collection of posts. Thanks for including me!

  5. Thanks for hosting this week!

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  8. Love this new carnival as it encompasses a wide variety of posts. Thanks for hosting!

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