Why Meal Plan Rescue?

Why Should You Use MealPlanRescue.com?

1. We answer the immortal question, “What’s for dinner?”

There’s nothing worse than sitting there at 5 o’clock and realizing you don’t know what you’re going to eat, or that the only thing left in the house to eat had to be pulled out of the freezer that morning. What follows is a mad scramble to fix something up before the family gets restless, or once again surrender to the siren song of a #3 Meal Deal with Super-sized fries and a not-so-Happy Meal for the kids.

Starting at only $5 a month, MealPlanRescue.com gives you multiple options for dinner a week in advance so you can plan ahead. We’ll even help you cut down on your cooking and prep time. Easy instructions are included with every weekly update. Sign up here or keep reading to learn more.

2. Grocery shopping doesn’t have to suck anymore.

MealPlanRescue.com checks stores for the best sales and freshest seasonal foods and e-mails you a weekly mail plan and shopping list. No more wandering through the aisles making it up as you go along. Sign up here or keep reading to learn more.

3. Eating seasonal is healthier for you.

Eating seasonal foods means eating produce that’s fresh, colorful and full of nutrients. It means a shorter line from harvest to your table. And fruits and vegetables that have been naturally ripened mean more nutrients and more flavor. Sign up here or keep reading to learn more.

4. Having a plan saves you money.

First, buying seasonal means buying when the produce is the most bountiful, at its freshest and most nutritious. For example: When are tomatoes cheapest, the summer or winter? The answer is summer. Farms with freshly ripening tomatoes compete to sell their crop before it goes bad. In the wintertime, tomatoes are either grown in a greenhouse (and those energy costs are passed on to your wallet) or grown somewhere far away, picked green and shipped to you (and that affects your wallet and your tastebuds!)

Secondly, you will always save money at the grocery store if you have a plan. Why? Grocery stores are designed to entice you to spend money you weren’t planning on. End caps and eye level enticements draw money out of your wallet on products you may not even be able to use before they spoil. When you go into the grocery store with an itemized shopping list you will purchase what you need, and when you have a weekly meal plan, you will use the food you’ve purchased.

Keep track of what’s in season and on sale and turning them into a weekly dinner is what we do at MealPlanRescue.com. Sign up here or keep reading to learn more.

5. Organic and local foods are cheaper and easier to find in-season.

Just like reason #4, organic growers have a shorter line from farm-to-store. This means lower prices for you, naturally grown produce, and can allow you to support local farmers. You could even take our weekly list to your local farmers market to go organic and local.

MealPlanRescue.com isn’t an organic-only recipe plan, but with our recipes you’ll have an easier time choosing organic foods. Sign up here or keep reading to learn more.

6. Our meal plans offer 7 dinners and 1 dessert, with vegetarian and grocery savings options.

Every MealPlanRescue.com plan comes with recipes, instructions and a shopping list based on that week’s seasonal produce. Want a vegetarian option? We have that too. Are you trying to eat healthier? Our Healthy Options plan balances vegetarian and lean protein (chicken and fish) and adds a healthy dessert each week. It’s inspired by New York Times food writer Mark Bittman and is the way both of our founders have been cooking for several years. Sign up here or keep reading to learn more.

What this is not

1. This is not extreme couponing.

You will not have to collect your entire city’s newspapers and Pennysavers or sign up for any mailing lists. There’s no obsessively clipping coupons, no special coupon book and no rearranging your schedule to use double coupon days at the Kwik-e-Mart. We can barely arrange our office, much less pages of coupons and we don’t expect you to do what we won’t. You are certainly welcome to utilize coupons for savings where you can, but we’ve noticed that many coupon afficionados end up buying 10 boxes of Hamburger Helper for $3. That’s not the way we eat, and we want the best for you too.

2. This is not a processed-food meal plan.

Some meal plans include recipes that include alien experiments like Velveeta just because it was on sale. We avoid processed foods, and you won’t find Hamburger Helper in any of our recipes. We even offer canned good alternatives, and canned options for those who prefer. There are some things—sauces and ketchup, etc.—that will be included when necessary but each plan will point you towards fresh, seasonal and inexpensive items, preferably ones that are on sale. Though we’re busy, we cook from scratch. And we’ve learned to do it fast.

3. This is not a meal plan that requires expert chef skills or an unlimited budget.

Neither of us are chefs by trade nor did we go to cooking school. We’re food nerds on a budget who love to cook healthy and tasty food. Like most people, we’ve been affected by the economy and have spent years perfecting our shopping and cooking style.

Now we’d like to share our knowledge with you via MealPlanRescue.com. Choose from several meal plan choices. And of course, we want you to be thrilled so every plan comes with a Four Course Guarantee.

Want to learn more? Get a sample plan here or  sign up here. Prices start at $5/month.